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Alastair Sooke, Art Critic

It's a sweet relief, experiencing art as God intended - not flattened and pixelated on a smartphone's screen, but close-up at first hand.


So much gets lost in digital translation: the subtle chemistry of interacting colours, the claggy textures of oil paint, the coarseness or delicacy of a line, paper's idiosyncratic bumps and rumples. Despite the hegemony of Instagram, art exists in three dimensions.

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Anthony Woodward

Anthony has been sketching and painting ever since childhood. He had a wonderfully unconventional teacher who thankfully recognised his talent and let him sketch whatever he liked during Maths class, which helped him hone his skills from a young age. He has never stopped painting since.

Describing his style as 'modern classical', he studied at Salisbury before obtaining a degree in Fine Art at Cambridge College of Art. His preferred medium is oils, although he also works in charcoal, pencil and watercolour.

Day At The Races - SOLD.jpg

Sarah Horne, Client

Anthony has an uncanny ability to capture the mood and emotion and dare I say - the spirit - of people, animals, entire scenes. His paintings are often haunting and evocative, with a dash of spellbinding for good measure.

I love his work because I always feel as though his subjects could simply stroll out of his paintings. That's talent!

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